Do you believe in strong foundations?

At Little Red Hen, we certainly do.
Join us in cultivating a resilient, creative, and successful future.


At Little Red Hen, we believe in the transformative power of play. Learning isn’t confined to textbooks; it blossoms in the laughter, curiosity, and creativity of our little learners. In the playground of imagination, every moment becomes a stepping stone to a brighter, more joyful future.

~ Smitha Naidu, Founder and Head Teacher ~

Curriculum Crafted for Excellence

The Little Red Hen Difference in Learning

At Little Red Hen, our teaching methodology is not just a product of intuition; it’s grounded in well-founded research on popular pedagogies from around the world. We’re affiliated with esteemed organisations such as AECED (Association for Early Childhood Education & Development) and the Early Childhood Association. Recognised by the Government of Karnataka, we stand as a beacon of quality and innovation in early childhood education.

Building Values, One Program at a Time

Unlocking Potential, Fostering Values, Creating Leaders

Toddler Play

(2-3 Years)

Toddler Education

(3-4 Years)

Foundation I

(4-5 Years)

Foundation II

(5-6 Years)

It’s more than Education at Little Red Hen

Enriching the Learning Journey

At Little Red Hen, education go beyond textbooks. We believe in creating a vibrant and holistic learning environment. Explore our special activities that set us apart – from nutritious meals that fuel growing to collaborative sports, music, dramatics, loose parts play, captivating story sessions, a library oasis, and arts and crafts that inspire creativity. Join u in crafting an educational journey that’s as diverse and unique as your child’s potential.

Nutritious Meals



Arts & Crafts

Dramatics & Theater

Loose Parts Play

Field Trips

Story Telling


Music Sessions

Brain Development Fact 🔎

Did you Know? The first five years of a child’s life are crucial for brain development. During this period, the brain forms more than one million new neural connections every second.

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Centers of Love and Learning

Values Nestled in Safe Spaces

Our centers aren’t just buildings; they are spaces where values thrive. Nestled away from the main road, we provide secure and stimulating environments, assuring parents of a foundation that encourages their child’s growth and development.


Little Red Hen – Kothanur Campus

Located in Kothanur, in DR Bendre Layout. Learning Programs for 2-6 year olds with Daycare.


Little Red Hen – Thanisandra Campus

Located in Thanisandra, near Manyata Tech Park – Back gate 5. Learning Programs for 2-6 year olds with Daycare.

Little Voices, Big Impact

Stories of Values and Successes

The strength of the values is echoed in the stories of Little Red Hen families. Listen to how we lay the groundwork for resilient and successful futures in the words of our children’s parents.