Preschool Meals at Little Red Hen

Preschool Meals during school prepared at Kothanur and Thanisandra

As part of our Preschool Meals Program, Little Red Hen offers wholesome & nutritious Morning Snacks, Lunch and Evening Snacks at our Kothanur & Thanisandra campuses.

Once children start preschool, life takes on a new routine. A regular intake of healthy food is needed throughout the day to help keep children active and able to concentrate while learning. At Little Red Hen Preschool and Early Years, we have curated a balanced diet keeping in mind our children’s energy and nutrient needs.

Nutritious meals and snacks are essential for young children’s optimal growth and development. The energy provided by healthy foods ensures that the children will be ready to fully participate in the day’s learning opportunities. During meals and snacks, children learn how to make nutritious choices, discover a wide variety of different foods and develop healthy eating habits. Preschool meals play a vital role in a child’s development.

Our Preschool Meals Menu is a Healthy Mix

Fruits & Veggies
Breads & Cereals
Preschool Meals
Legumes & Dals
Ghee & Yoghurt
Preschool Meals

As important as nutritious food being important for a child’s growth and survival, consumption of food can also become detrimental, if not handled and prepared the right way. Food prepared without using proper food safety and hygiene can do more harm than good. At Little Red Hen, we are supremely cautious and diligent across all the stages of food preparation, and ensure it is safe, healthy, tasty and nutritious for our Little Chicks.

Safe Food Handling is the Key

Here are some of the rules we always follow while preparing our preschool meals

  • Cooking raw food thoroughly
  • Consuming cooked food immediately
  • Preparing food only for one meal
  • Washing hands repeatedly
  • Keeping the kitchen and surfaces meticulously clean
  • Using RO purifier water for cooking
  • Using fresh ingredients for cooking
  • Keeping utensils and storage containers clean
Safe food handling and preparation  Preschool meals

Learning Independent & Mindful Eating

We will be following these practices during our children’s meal time. Children will learn new skills and ideas about food when eating away from home.

  • Offer the child small servings to start with and offer more if they are still hungry. We need to remember that meal sizes and overall food intake may vary from day-to-day depending on your the child’s appetite. We trust each of our Little Chicks to decide how much food is enough for them.
  • Discuss some simple nutrition messages such as “Milk helps keep your teeth and bones strong!” We keep encouraging them to make healthy choices of the food they eat.
  • Encouraging our Little Chicks to eat independently, slowly, and mindfully while avoiding distractions.
  • Encouraging our children to follow hygienic practices like washing hands.

Nutritious in Every Bite

A Sample Weekly Preschool Menu

DaysMenu for the Day
MondayBoiled Sprouted Salad, Daal Khichdi, Curd
TuesdayMethi Paratha, Boiled Potato Fry, Curd Rice, Cucumber Salad
WednesdayMatar Paneer, Roti + Rice, Cucumber Salad
ThursdayBisi Bele Bath, Curd Raita, Fryums
FridayMoong Daal, Rice + Roti, Carrot and Beans Poriyal

Preschoolers are at an active and growing age. They need their food to be nutrient-rich and tasty. Our main goal of the preschool meals program is to promote the health and well-being of our Little Chicks, while also inculcating healthy food habits and eating skills. Interested to know more about Little Red Hen Preschools ? Simply click and send this Quick Inquiry Form.