Inclusive Preschool Learning in North Bengaluru

Little Red Hen Preschools have integrated Inclusive Preschool Learning as part of our learning curriculum, and is available at both our campuses, Kothanur & Thanisandra.

What is an Inclusive Preschool?

An inclusive preschool is an educational setting that welcomes and supports children of all abilities, backgrounds, and individual needs. Inclusive preschools promote an environment where every child, regardless of their developmental, physical, or cognitive differences, can fully participate in all aspects of the educational program. Inclusion goes beyond mere access to education—it encompasses the belief that all children have the right to learn and thrive together, regardless of their unique characteristics or challenges.

In an inclusive preschool, children with disabilities or special needs are provided with appropriate support and accommodations to ensure their active participation and success. These supports may include individualized instruction, adaptive materials, assistive technology, specialized therapies, and trained staff members who are knowledgeable about diverse learning styles and strategies.

How does Little Red Hen assist in Inclusive Preschool Learning

  • We provide equal opportunities to learning and a safe environment regardless of a child’s developmental abilities
  • We modify our program, and activities to ensure the participation of every child and to suit every child’s needs
  • We take in 8% of children with challenging learning needs of the total class strength
  • We have collaborated with Dimensions who provide us over-arching support across multiple facets to ensure Inclusive Preschool Learning
  • The Clinicians/Therapist from Dimensions conduct inclusion assessments and provide our teachers holistic academic support for the child along with regular follow ups with teachers and parents

About Dimensions

Dimensions Centre for Child Development,  founded by Chitra Thadathil, specializes in delivering advanced services for children who experience developmental delays and disabilities. Their evidence-based curriculum is meticulously designed to ensure that children’s progress is regularly monitored and documented, providing a clear path towards success.

The Little Red Hen Philosophy for Inclusive Preschool Learning

The philosophy of inclusion extends beyond the classroom to the entire school community. In an inclusive preschool, a collaborative approach is taken to foster an inclusive culture, involving teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents. This collaboration ensures that the needs of all children are met and that the learning environment is adapted to accommodate diverse abilities, learning styles, and cultural backgrounds.

Dimensions’ Inclusive Preschool Learning program ensures

Little Red Hen collaborates with Dimensions to facilitate meaningful inclusion, ensuring that every child is actively engaged and derives maximum benefit from their school experience.

Dimensions’ Inclusive Preschool Program (DIPP) offers the following services:

  • Conducting assessments directly at the preschool
  • Providing individual therapy sessions
  • Offering guidance and support for inclusive practices within the classroom
  • Identifying and addressing the specific needs of individual children within the classroom setting
  • Organizing group activities outside of the classroom.
Fostering positive attitudes

Benefits of an Inclusive Preschool

Inclusive preschool experiences equip children with the skills and attitudes necessary to thrive in a diverse and inclusive society. They develop problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and empathy, which are essential qualities for success in their future educational and social endeavors.


Academic and Social Growth

We offer opportunities for children to develop academically, socially, and emotionally. They learn from each other’s strengths, experiences, and perspectives, promoting a sense of empathy, acceptance, and understanding.


Peer Relationships & Friendship Building

In an inclusive setting, children build relationships with their peers of different abilities. They learn to appreciate differences and develop friendships based on mutual respect and support.


Enhanced Learning Environment

Inclusion promotes a diverse learning environment where children can share their unique talents, ideas, and perspectives. This enriches the educational experience for all children and fosters a sense of community and belonging.


Positive Attitudes & Reduced Stigma

By exposing children to diversity at a young age, inclusive preschools help foster positive attitudes towards differences and reduce stigma surrounding disabilities or special needs. This sets the foundation for a more inclusive and accepting society.

Helping Learn, Grow & Flourish

An inclusive preschool embraces diversity, promotes acceptance, and ensures that every child has equal opportunities to learn, grow, and flourish. By fostering an inclusive environment, we strive to empower our children with the belief that differences are celebrated, and everyone has unique contributions to make to the world around them.