Little Red Hen Trips


Preschool Field Trips that Spell Fun

Field Trips or the Little Red Hen Trips as we call them are an integral part of the yearly preschool activities. Children love to be on field trips as they are lots of fun and educational as well – and what makes it more special is that it is a group activity. We do this taking all precautions to keep our preschoolers safe while helping them have a fun and educative time with the Little Red Hen Trips each year.

Some of the regular (and favorite) field trips of our preschoolers have been to the Fire Station where they had a whale of a time interacting with firefighters & learning basic fire safety rules, the local Bakery where they showed them how their favorite pastries, the Police Station where they are shown simple ways to protect themselves and how to seek help when in danger, the Horticulture Nursery where they learn simple acts of planting and nurturing plants, and more.

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