What can your Preschooler expect from Little Red Hen Home-based Learning Program?

With all of us adjusting to the ‘New Normal’ what does the future hold for children? How has the learning process altered itself? What can Early Childhood Educators and Parents do to support their children? To encourage learning we, at Little Red Hen Preschool and Early Years have come up with something called  ‘Home-based Learning Program.’ Both parents and children can seek benefits from our program. In a nutshell, here’s what you can expect from it.

1. Videos for Parental Guidance

Our Home-based Learning Program is designed in a way to include parents in the childs learning journey. Each of our lessons are supported with a set of instructions advising parents on how they can guide their child to complete the task at hand. With your assistance and our efforts the learning will not stop in your child’s life.

2. Resource Links

With children home-schooling, you need the relevant information to make your children learn. Links with details on age-appropriate lessons, worksheets, and supporting activities will be shared with you. Hence you wouldn’t fall short of ways to keep your child engaged at home. And most importantly you will aid in their development by offering structured activities to make them learn.

3. Weekly learning Objectives

The present scenario might result in a lack of structure. How to phase out the week? What should the weekly learning plan look like? We are here to offer assistance with all of it. Together let’s ensure that children don’t miss out on the developmental milestones in the midst of the chaos of the pandemic.

4. Synchronized Online and Offline Learning

Online learning is the need of the hour but too much of anything isn’t good. Hence the activities included in our learning program are split between online and offline platforms. A series of learning activities will be conducted under our supervision while a few others will take place with your guidance. This is because post the pandemic we don’t want an entire generation of children glued to the screens.

5. Monitoring and Guidance from Teachers

The whole process of learning is incomplete in the absence of a teacher. Because a teacher holds a critically important place especially in the early years of a child’s life. While continuing to abide by the norms of social distancing we establish a connection with children in alternate ways. Why should a child experience the absence of a teacher in their lives owing to Covid-19?

6. Comprehensive Learning Kit

All our online lessons are supported by worksheets and activity recommendations that are put together in learning kits. These kits serve as in-house guidelines to steer a child’s learning offline.

7. Library Books

Is your child in the process of turning into a bibliophile? Let’s not rob our child of the magic of books. Hence we have kept the doors of our library open for our children. Parents can continue to procure books from our well-stocked library to enlighten their children.

8. Fortnightly follow-up and exchange of Learning Kits

Learning alone isn’t sufficient it is also important to track a child’s development. In order to ensure that parents have to visit the school every fortnight for their child’s progress to be accessed.

Don’t you want your child to continue to flourish and meet their developmental milestones? We at Little Red Hen Preschool and Early Years are here to support you with our Home- Based Learning Program. For that dose of extracurricular activities, we have onboard Playscape for Sports activities, Sapa for music sessions, and Anumeha for Theater and Drama Workshops. Let’s work together and keep our child enlightened even through this Pandemic.


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