Covid-19 | Tips from a Childcare Specialist| In conversation with Dr. Sushma Sanjay

Covid-19 has gripped the entire world with worry, but parents particularly are concerned about the well-being of their children. To address these worries, Smitha Srihari is in conversation with Dr. Sushma Sanjay, the Chief Paediatrician in Taruniya Children Clinic in Yelahanka who shares with us Covid Childcare tips.

In a nutshell, the video takes you through the diet, medication, and care that a child requires in the course of the pandemic. Did you know that the Rainbow diet is extremely healthy for children? A child’s body requires a few vitamins more than others. What foods should a child consume for those vitamins? Moving along, telemedicine and its functioning are addressed. Lastly, the video talks about how to care for your child through these troubled times. Along with food what stories should you feed a child’s mind with? These Covid Childcare tips help to nurture our children with nutrients, food, and care in these troubled times.


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