Let’s Share & Care | Sharing activities for Preschoolers

Does your toddler throw a fit each time he/she is expected to share their toys? It is indeed hard to get a child to share. Don’t you recall the doll or truck that you absolutely loved? Imagine parting with it, even if it’s for some time, it wouldn’t have been easy. Like you, even your little one is resisting the act of sharing. Hence, stop being dismayed and considering this as abysmal behavior. You can introduce certain sharing activities for preschoolers, to condition them to share.

1. Pass it Around

Simple as it sounds, this activity helps introduce the virtue of sharing with your child. Give your toddler a bowl of chips and ask him/her to offer chips to his father, brother, and so on. As your little one busies themselves with this activity he/she comes to realize that sharing is in fact normal.

2. Showcase Sharing

Words aren’t going to do the trick you literally have to demonstrate the act of sharing. You can introduce the concept of sharing in everyday conversations with your child. If you lend or borrow something from anyone make it a point to bring it to your preschooler’s notice. When the person next door, approaches you for any everyday kitchen essentials tell your little one, ‘I’ am sharing some yogurt with the neighbor. ‘Or if your child gives you something of theirs, tell him/her, ‘Thank you for sharing your color pencils with me.’

3. Make sharing a ‘Joyous’ experience

Include in your child’s daily life activities which give room to share something with another even if it means simply sharing time. Engage your child in piecing a puzzle, coloring a page, or simply arranging the salad tray with you. Post the activity, you can talk about how happy this shared experience made you feel.

4. Simplify Sharing

Before berating your preschooler about not sharing, it’s important to ascertain whether he/she is familiar with what the concept of ‘sharing’ is. He/she might be apprehensive thinking that sharing a toy could result in losing it permanently. It is important to put it across to your preschooler that sharing implies being separated from their toy for a limited period of time after which it will be returned to him/her.

5. Donating is the best form of sharing

A trip to an orphanage or old age home is a great way to familiarize a child with the act of sharing. On festive occasions or in case their birthday is fast- approaching you could plan this activity. Witnessing how their contributions are giving comfort and joy to people in need is sure to encourage your child to share.

6. Stories on Sharing

Books are a window to the world offering a child kid-friendly explanations on everyday life situations. There are stories woven around the concepts of selfishness and sharing which you can read to your child. On completion of the book, discuss the story, the characters, and their course of action. This is yet another welcome way to get your child to share. At Little Red Preschool and Early Years, we have a library that’s inclusive of many titles to enlighten your preschooler.

7. Borrowing is also a form of sharing

Whether it’s a library book or it is something essential that you borrow from your friend. Each time you do this you can teach your child the importance of handling someone else’s belongings with care. As a child witnesses these exchanges frequently he/she becomes less hesitant to share.

Engage in sharing-related activities for your child to see for themselves. The more this happens before a child, the faster he/she begins to share. It isn’t uncommon for a preschooler to have trouble with sharing. But to nurture the habit of sharing in a child it is important to lay down the foundation. Hence, in order for a child to be able to share there are certain criteria that have to be met. The child should have established a connection of sorts with the person with whom he is expected to share. Furthermore, this is doable if he/she is used to spending time with other people. A whole lot of love, ample time for play, and a level of respect coupled with the above-listed sharing activities for preschoolers make the process of sharing a lot easier.


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