Best Books for 3-5 years olds | Reading List For Preschoolers

Little Red Hen reading list for preschoolers

With everyone stuck indoors, what are you doing to engage your little one’s mind? Expose your child to the wonders of a book. It taps into their imagination and imparts morals in the most simplistic of ways. Books help in enhancing their vocabulary at a young age. Further to our previous reading list, here’s yet another one that lists out a few of the best books for 3-5-year olds.

1. Giraffes Can’t  Dance


It isn’t uncommon to harbour feelings of self-doubt based on someone else’s opinion of you. But how to deal with this is a question one often contemplates? That’s what this story brings into light.

Gerald an enormously tall Giraffe, spends time picking at the leaves of trees. But he secretly wished that he could dance. His attempt at dancing was met with mockery and criticism from other animals and he was feeling dejected. The story progresses to reveal how someone else’s faith in his ability and a different song worked in Gerald’s favor and helped him dance.

Guy Parker-Rees’s illustrations and Giles Andrea’s narrative go hand in hand and do a wonderful job of explaining to your child how to deal with low self-esteem.

2. Rainbow Fish

Reading list for Preschoolers the Rainbow Fish

Does your child throw a fit each time he/she is expected to share? It’s natural to be saddened at the prospect of letting someone else use something that’s yours. This story is a wonderful way to introduce your little one to the joys of sharing.

It revolves around the story of a fish who has multi-hued scales. Admired by all but friendly with none makes this fish lonesome. He seeks the advice of the octopus implies it and witnesses his life changed for the good.  How does the course of his life get altered and how does he earn friends?

Admiring the glittery illustrations makes reading this book an all the more fascinating experience. It also reinstates the identification of colors.

3. My Granny went to the Market

Reading list My Granny Went to the Market

Knock! Knock! Who’s there? It’s a wonderful story that’s knocking the doorway of your mind to transport it to a foreign land. It’s a story about a grandmother who goes on a world tour on her magic carpet. In each city that she visits she picks up a gift for her granddaughter. The gift is a souvenir an item that’s unique to the place that she visits. Since she picks a specific number of items this is also a counting book.

The vivid graphical representations, the rhyming verses, and the numbers make this an educative and a fun read. Broaden their horizons within the confines of your house with this heart-warming tale.

4. Beautiful Oops

This story holds an important message for parents and children alike. Do you reprimand your child each time he/she makes a mistake? If yes, why? Spilling something, doodling, a smear, a blotch or a tear isn’t a deal-breaker. On the contrary, these accidents make room for new discoveries and are a learning in itself.

Barney Saltzberg’s board book beautifully depicts how each of these everyday mistakes has a beauty of their own. Who knows? After reading this book your child might not be as worried if he/she has an Oops moment.

5. The Snowy Day


Does the beauty of snow entice you? Introduce your child to the concept of snow in this book. Waking up to snowy morning, what’s the experience like? What activities entail a snowy day? And what should a child beware of? A snowy day is depicted with a child-like innocence that makes it intriguing for a young reader.

After completing the book your child might just chalk out a plan of their own for a day in the snow. This is a welcome way of explaining to a child the geographical conditions that entail a snowy day.

Sit down with your child, prop open a book, and read, to your child the results will leave you immensely pleased. You could be responsible for making your child a bibliophile.