5 Reasons to choose Little Red Hen Preschool in Kothanur


It is perfectly natural for young parents to get worried and hassled about ensuring the quality of education and guidance to find the right place for their child’s early years development. Choosing the right preschool is critical, and it has to be an environment that nurtures and nourishes the child’s self-development, gently guiding their way of development. Children love a teaching approach gives a lot of independence to improve their own observations and skills, and learning methods that are devised through play. At Little Red Hen Preschool in Kothanur, we ensure a progressive, nurturing, safe & secure environment for early education & development.

If you are a parent in Kothanur looking for the best preschool in Kothanur – the right option, for your child’s education, here are 5 strong reasons why Little Red Hen Kothanur will be a perfect fit for your child.

The Freedom of Exploration

Little Red Hen provide our little chicks freedom to explore, learn at their own pace, and develop independence. The opportunity to learn at their pace improves their sense of freedom. Our Little Chicks (as we affectionately call them) will be the active participants in deciding how they want to learn and that drives internal satisfaction, which increases their confidence in learning.

Learning for Independent Thinking

Our children at Little Red Hen learn through hands-on activities. They are not spoon-fed information – they have to find it themselves and use their problem-solving skills in order to figure things out.

This approach is said to be more effective because it teaches them how to explore for themselves rather than being told what to do, empowering them from early years.

Developing Cognitive, Speaking and Motor Skills

Little Red Hen is the best for teaching students about cognitive skills, speaking and reading skills. Some of the other skills that our little chicks are taught include telling time, learning to read, and developing fine motor skills.

When it comes to cognitive skills, we focus on developing a child’s ability to think independently, solve problems, reason and concentrate. The social skills that are developed are teamwork, empathy and cooperation.

Practical Life Skills

We are known to teach our children skills that will be useful for them in the future. These skills include practical life skills and cognitive skills – like language, arithmetic, geography, science, arts and physical culture.

Encouraging Self-discipline and Emotional Development

Our philosophy is all about self-discipline and emotional education, so our children are encouraged to learn how to control themselves while also being given an environment that supports their natural development process.

Self-regulation of coordination, order, and concentration occur during learning. Our children learn how to create their daily routines, educate themselves, and think about what they are learning here at Little Red Hen Preschool in Kothanur. This philosophy is based on respect, patience, and empathy which are key factors for early childhood education and development.


Our integrated Preschool curriculum brings the best of Montessori Education and the Play Way Methodology in each of our learning levels.

Children also learn by using their senses to explore different materials, which teach them through tactile experience rather than memorization. It’s a great way for our Little Chicks to develop a love of learning that will stay with them for the rest of their lives!

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