Why Children should Resume their Preschool Education as soon as possible

A key stage in your journey as a parent is the time when your loving child goes to pre-school for the very first time. We know all of the contrary feelings you are going through – How will my child manage? Will my child get comfortable? What if my child would rather avoid preschool? What if my child doesn’t make friends? Will my child get injured? Will my child cry excessively? Will my child be dealt with? Will my child be left alone? What might be said about food? Will my child be taken care of? Will my child eat all alone, without being persuaded? Let’s figure out all these queries with the preschool education importance.

Children gain from all that they see, do, hear, feel, smell, and taste; everybody they communicate (talk, play, giggle) with; and wherever they go.

Preschool Learning

We have gone through a recent review and it recommends that quality childhood education preschool offers a range of advantages to children concerning their families and their communities. In a recent report, childhood education experts contended that preschool children learn best when they associate with their companions, get kind treatment from their parents and educators, and don’t feel compelled to learn.

The Importance of Preschool Education

Children become familiar with many other activities like following instructions, educational exercises, and many others that are part of their daily routine. If they spend a little portion of their daily routine in quality preschool then there is no need to worry about your child’s overall development. Little Red Hen highlights these qualities in our education programs to help in wholesome development of our Little Chicks.

1. Making Learners out of Children

We all know that small children learn by playing. A great preschool open doors to your child. It helps them learn in a manner that interests them, building a positive relationship with learning. We have developed some special activities for our little chicks so that they invest more time in learning happily.

2. An Opportunity to be in a Structured Setting

Preschool is a chance for children to be in an organized setting with teachers and their peers. Within this group, they will figure out how to share and adhere to directions, lift their hand when they need to pose an inquiry, alternate, and offer the teacher’s attention and more.


Admissions for Regular Sessions are now Open at Little Red Hen Preschools


3. Learn to Follow Instructions

This is the common thing in every house that parents use to say the same thing repeatedly while their child disregards them. A quality preschool like Little Red Hen offers children extra possibilities to follow fundamental instructions like when to arrange or how to clean up. Indeed, even though these straightforward tasks, our Little Chicks figure out how to pay attention to instructions and attach due importance to it.

4. Preparation for Elementary School education

A quality childhood education offers both academic as well as development growth paths. They are not mutually exclusive. If the environment that the child is in enables both of this in a holistic manner, it brings out the best in the young ones. Truth be told, there is absolutely nothing better than learning through play. Hence, learning will be a good time for your child, have no questions!

5. Aids Social and emotional development

As well as showing your child a few scholarly abilities, preschool assists your child with fostering their social and enthusiastic abilities.

At Little Red Hen, we believe that there is no absolute education approach that will work as the perfect preschool learning curriculum. We have integrated the best of education approaches while following the framework of Early Years Foundation Stage ( EYFS) guidelines for the development of your child.

In Conclusion

The pandemic has snatched away two full years of developmental joys in its optimal sense from our children. They have missed out on a lot of things, and chief among them is the normal way to play, learn & grow, in the company of their peers, parents and teachers. With the regular preschool sessions now in full swing, its time they got back to their favourite place that help them play, learn & grow.

Admissions for Regular Sessions are now Open at Little Red Hen Preschools


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