Re-opening of Preschool and the Physical Classrooms

Little Red Hen Preschools is looking forward to welcoming all our Little Chicks with the re-opening of preschool plans gaining momentum across the academic circles. This has become more pertinent, with the gradual opening up of academic sessions (physical) for lower, middle and high schools across the state.

Re-opening of Preschool : Safety Measures as we return to Physical Classrooms

At Little Red Hen, we ensure all the parents and staff that we are taking care of all the precautions to assist with guaranteeing our little chicks and staff stay healthy — and genuinely together in school. For us, good health and safety are non-negotiable.

Face masks

Facial masks are a basic, proven tool to assist with stopping the spread of the virus to students unfit to get the vaccine or to the individuals who might have a condition that puts them at higher risk of becoming ill regardless of whether they have been vaccinated. During the school time we put all our efforts to ensure that our little chicks should always wear the face masks.

Physical distancing

As a rule, CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) suggests individuals who are not completely vaccinated keep physical distance of somewhere around 6 feet from others who are not in their family. We keep noticing that our students — including the staff who are completely vaccinated — ought to stay at least 3 feet apart within classrooms whenever the situation allows.


Screening testing distinguishes infected individuals. It very well may be utilized to recognize those with or without symptoms and individuals who might be infectious before they have symptoms. This can assist with easing back the spread of the virus to other people. While entering the school premises we make testing of each and every person entering the school.


Children show up more uncertain than adults to have symptoms and serious sickness from COVID-19. Indeed, even with physical distancing, masking and vaccination, we are ready for openings particularly with new infection variations flowing.

Re-opening of preschool and the Physical Classrooms

In Conclusion

We believe that families, schools, and communities can closely work together in ensuring we provide a safe, secure, warm and invigorating learning environment in the times that we live in. This includes COVID-19 vaccination for for all those eligible at home and the academic institutions as the first step. Wearing facial masks, staying at home when we are sick and doing what we can to protect others around us – when all do their part, the entire community wins and returning back to preschool will be fun.


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