The Barnyard Social 2020 | Little Red Hen Preschool Annual Day Celebrations

Another academic year is coming to an end. But before signing out for the term, we at Little Red Hen Preschool are enthralled to announce our upcoming annual day. Titled as ‘Barnyard Social 2020’ it’s a fun-filled event that’s completely eco-friendly. Enjoy the camaraderie with other parents and beam with pride as our ‘little chicks’ engage you with their delightful performances.

Apart from marveling at your child’s skills and talents, another agenda of the event is addressing the pressing environmental concerns. Mahatma Gandhi quoted, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ This is your chance to bring about a difference. Discuss ‘No plastic’ campaigns, carbon waste reduction and car-pooling. It’s your first step towards making the world a better place for your children.

Food is an excellent way to bond, thereby the event comes to a close with a ‘potluck.’ So tie the apron, don the chef’s hat and whip up a specialty of yours. Make sure to carry a quantity that’s sufficient to serve 5. You can zero in on what to carry after consulting with the homeroom teacher. Please find enlisted all the details that you may need.

Venue – Little Red Hen
Date– 29th February, 2020
Time- 09:00 am- 10:30 am (Toddler Play)
Time- 05:00 pm- 06:30 pm (Toddler Education)
Costumes for Children– The class-wise details have been circulated to the parents.
Dress code for parents– Casual Indian wear


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