Celebrating Annual Literacy Week 2020 at Little Red Hen Preschool & Early Years

A story piques imagination, a story imparts values and a story offers comfort. Little Red Hen Preschool is rekindling the magic of stories by celebrating the Annual Literacy Week 2020. Scheduled between the 20th to the 24th of January, the story-telling activities tap into the genres of folk tales, animals, family and non-fiction collection. The moral values that come with these stories pave the pathways for a ‘Happily Ever After.’
Those forgotten stories are going to resurface. The nuggets of wisdom that comes with these stories is going to refine the lives of children. Who knows? The week’s activities could turn your child into a bibliophile.
With open-eyed wonderment your child is going to lap it up. As we foray into storyland this week, here’s a look at the index of activities.

Day 1- Animal Kingdom

Animal fiction opens up a whole different set of perspectives before a child. In a way animals educate one about the virtues of tolerance through the manner in which they co-exist with each other and man. The day’s learnings could sensitize your child towards animals and their needs, and develop in them an ever-lasting love for animals.

Day 2- Let’s relive those Folk Classics

Folk Tales were normally passed down orally. Hence, they’ve been written in a manner that’s shareable, relatable and listenable. They contribute to cultural awareness and are message conveyors. Apart from that these stories lay the foundation for sound decision making and model characteristic traits.

Day 3- Family Comes First

Adult experiences are more or less a result of the first five years in an individual’s life. Thereby childhood is the best time to learn about sharing, caring and a whole lot of loving. It’s these traits which strengthen family ties and make homes a safe haven to craft happy memories.

Day 4 – Biography

Biographies are a source of inspiration for their readers. On this day, we are all set to inspire the future generation of the nation. These are stories of those heroes whose actions have contributed to the betterment of the community at large. Who knows? Hearing about these legends might inspire our little ones to write a history of their own.

Day 5-Time for Dress-up

Is your child lost in the world of stories? You can recreate, all that they’ve been imagining through the course of the week. Don on your child clothes that his favorite story-book character is most often described wearing. Apart from that your little one, should bring the book that inspired the look and speak a couple of lines about the story.
Besides the above-mentioned activities, Smitha Srihari the head of the Preschool is going to captivate the hearts of the kids with her compelling story-telling skills. With Little Red Hen International Preschool’s Annual Literacy Week 2020, we hope for our students to grow up to be avid readers.


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