Little Red Hen Preschool | Annual Summer Camp 2020

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Summer-time is that time when learning takes place outside the confines of the classroom. What have you lined up for your child’s summer break? How about enrolling your child in a summer camp which touches upon all domains in some way or the other. Little Red Hen Preschool has organized just the thing that you are looking for. Please find enlisted, all the activities that are going to be covered in the course of the summer camp.

1. Street Games and Sports by Sportify

Living in this digital age, its best to toughen up your child by playing street games. These games contribute to the overall well-being of a child because it boosts their stamina and improves immunity.

2. Art and Clay Modeling by Alchemy Creative

Fashioning models out of clay mounds helps to improve a toddler’s hand-eye coordination. Observing their creations piques their imagination.

3. Kid-friendly baking, and preparation of summer salads and coolers

Every season can be better adapted to by consuming certain foods and vegetables. This summer who knows your child could turn into an exceptional chef. And if not, even learning life skills only proves to be useful.

4. Storytelling in more ways than one

Who doesn’t recall that favorite childhood story until now? It’s important to enrich a child’s imagination with stories. Who knows this activity might turn your child into an avid reader or even a story-teller.

5. Fun Science

Scientific experiments are not confined to a laboratory. Nature has a plethora of opportunities to explain to a child the workings of science.

6. Water Splash Day

It’s sure to enthrall the kids and make their summer vacation a happy one.



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