The Sheer Joy and Benefits of Summer Camp for Children

Benefits of Summer Camp for Children

Summer is here and that means summer camp for children, after a long gap of 2 years ! Think about it, for most of us, we look back on the endless, carefree summer days of our childhood with fondness and joy. Yet, now that we are parents, some of us may have mixed feelings about this season for our own kids. Especially, in light of the trying times that we have been through with isolation as its hallmark. And the air of uncertainty that hangs over us in all our social interactions. With protection in terms of vaccines and an improved environment, as life is gradually getting back to normal, it is imperative that we ensure that our children get back to their expected levels of activity and social interaction. All the while, providing a safe and secure environment for it.

With the summer break on in full swing, there are two words that work like magic in bringing joy to the young minds – SUMMER CAMP! Summer camps help build memorable experiences. They engage children in new and exciting activities. Also, they teach them many new skills and enable them to make new friends.

Not only is summer camp sheer fun & joy, but did you know that there are wide range of benefits of summer camp for children? Here are a few.

1. A Place for Fun

Summer camps help children let loose and have fun in a safe & secure environment. Most camp activities focus on letting children have a good time while also learning something.

2. Develops Lifelong Skills

During summer camp, children take part in a variety of group activities. The child learns how to work on a team. Also, as how to communicate with other children, and solve problems on their own.

3. Build Friendships and Learn Social Skills

When in a school, the structured schedule makes it hard for scholars to build friendships. Yet, in a summer camp, they have many opportunities to meet new peers and form a lasting bond. We have noticed that, at the end of the camp, the confidence level and the ability to tackle social situations also increase.

4. Learning Adaptability

Being adaptable is an essential life skill. Learning to address a situation, overcoming challenges, being resilient in the face of confrontation – all these are presented in the various activities via social interactions. One team might not win a game, but  they will learn practice will make them better player

5. Break from Technology

Summer camps spell physical activity and none of them include connected devices. There is zero screen time. Think of it as the essential technology detox for your child. It is a great way to get too inactive to have a more active lifestyle.

6. New Interests

Children may end up discovering interests in things that can surprise you. Things children are rarely exposed to such as workshops in pottery, gardening, cooking, arts, and more may become an area of interest for many children.

7. Learn Independence

Children who are sent for summer camp are required to be able to make their own decisions in the group activities they participate without the help of their elders. This helps build a lot of independence and self-sufficiency in children.

8. Improved Decision-Making Skills

There is no doubt that summer camps offer the benefits of independence and freedom in a safe and controlled environment. An environment like this helps in making the children consistent with their actions.  They provide an environment for them to make decisions that someone else made for them previously. This sense of ownership instils a feeling of freedom.

9. Make Memories

There is no doubt that your child will be able to make the memories of a lifetime at summer camp. With new friends, new skills, and new self-esteem that breeds confidence in your child. The memories of the fun and laughter from summer camp will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

10. Supports Healthy Living

Camp programs encourage healthy eating and physical activity. At camp, kids have the opportunity to take part in all kinds of fun physical activities at any skill level. They have the opportunity to take part in physical activity, no matter what camp they choose.

Summer Camp for Children at Little Red Hen Preschools

Summer Camps have been a tradition at Little Red Hen Preschools since inception, since we are totally aware of its importance, and the sheer joy it brings to children, not to forget its benefits. Summer Camps are also about gently nudging them to explore their individual interests. Also, having a great experience at the camp –memorable, diverse, and rewarding.

Our Summer Camp 2022 is on in full swing, and a few slots are open. Please register using the Quick Registration Form alongside and one of us would be right by you.   

Join the May Session of our Summer Camp (May 2-27, 2022)

Make this Summer the coolest ever for your child, with the Summer Camp at Little Red Hen Preschools.


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