A Preschool Fire Drill Session On Fire Safety Awareness

Fire Drill Session Awareness

Fires can make destructive impact in any physical premises. Fire safety in preschools are critical, simply for the basic reason that it directly implies the safety of the children in our care, during their school times. Preschoolers are at an age where most of them might be helpless or don’t completely grasp what to do during a fire. This can make evacuation techniques difficult.

The security of our children and the team at Little Red Hen is a matter of first priority with us. As a periodic refresher activity, and also to teach our new members on its importance, a preschool fire drill session was held at the Kothanur campus.

What is a Fire Drill?

A fire drill is a reproduction of the methods of evacuation from a premise under fire. This prepares the team for a crisis situation in the future involving fire.

The importance of Fire Drills in Pre-Schools

A preschool fire drill tells our team what’s in store and how to act in the event of a fire, including how to move in an orderly manner according to the evacuation plan. This can prevent panic and unnecessary fear.  So our staff can rehearse fire drill systems with awareness and collaboration.

Here are the various ways in which, according to us, helps our team be prepared in the event of a fire hazard in the campus.

  • Helps our staff to remember the sound or sight of alarms, the gathering point, and particular fire security techniques.
  • Test that fire security estimates function as expected.
  • Survey how rapidly all our members can clear from the preschool building environs
  • Recognize regions where alerts or signs may not be obvious to our staff.
  • Test all members’ emergency evacuation plans.
  • Guarantee that emergency routes and exits are clear from obstructions.
  • Test our preschool’s roll calling method.
Fire Drill session on fire safety awareness

Completing fire drills in preschool needn’t bother with being a complicated plan. It should be regular and reliable. Here are our thoughts on how best to plan and conduct it in campus. We hope these can help ourselves to remember what to do each time we do a fire drill.

Drill session on fire safety awareness
  • Complete a fire drill at least once a term
  • Request a specific person from staff to observe and make notes.
  • Test information on caution areas and substitute emergency exit courses.
  • Assure that staff knows how to assist our little students with evacuating.
  • Test our roll calling strategy.

Fire evacuations are difficult circumstances to plan for. What’s more, with the health and security of our group in question, getting it right by deep planning is essential. A preschool fire drill session on fire safety awareness in preschools is fundamental. We would highly recommend that all preschools should hold them atleast twice a year on campus.


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