Health precautions for kids this Monsoon

Rain is fascinating, but still you shush your little one by humming, ‘Rain, rain, go away!’ Why is it so? The onset of monsoon has kids suffer with a running nose, fever, flu, typhoid, malaria and a couple of other diseases. Welcome the magic of monsoon by incorporating the necessary precautions to be taken during rainy season. This read takes you through various monsoon safety tips to safeguard your child’s health.

1. Keep spaces dry

With splashing rains, moisture and dampness creeps into the corners of the house. These areas become bacteria hoarding spots. Ventilate and dry out problem areas, by disinfecting spaces with an anti-bacterial wash. Dry spaces will keep your child hale and hearty.

2. Outside food no more

Outside food, is not cooked in the most hygienic of ways. And one can never be sure about the quality of water that is used for preparation. Besides foods served in restaurants and by street food vendors, may cause water-borne diseases like diarrhea or food poisoning. An integral form of child care in the rainy season is serving home-cooked meals. Besides this, a daily dose of hot beverages like milk or soup is beneficial.

3. Staying hydrated is a must

To combat the above mentioned diseases make your child drink loads of water. Inculcate in your child the habit of drinking water because it cleanses the body and ferrets out the bacteria in the body. Distilled and boiled water should be consumed, so that it’s free from contamination of any sorts.

4. Dietary check

Boost your little one’s immunity with a diet that’s rich in Vitamin-C. You can increase vitamin concentration in the body with an ample supply of fruits and veggies. This monsoon be innovative and simmer up monsoon recipes that are packed with nutrients and tantalize their taste-buds at the same time. The inclusion of eggs, tomatoes, lemon, strawberries and dairy products will generate the desired result.

5. Bundle-up

During the rainy season, warm up your little one with appropriate wardrobe additions. Because the warmth is much-needed and layering up, helps protect him/her from mosquito bites. Spending time in damp clothes opens up the pathway for fungal infections. Staying warm and dry, will help in keeping your child healthy.

6. Bathing routine

Hygiene is of primal importance, so shower your child twice a day. Purify bathing water with Neem oil or other approved disinfectant liquids. Practice hand wash and sanitation before mealtimes and cooking.

7. Boot-up

To protect your child’s soft toes, prop up those water-proof gum boots while venturing out for a stroll. This is recommended because rain water enters their feet, and the repercussions of it affect your child’s health.

8. Application of approved repellents

Protect your child and ward off mosquitoes by ladling your child with mosquito repellent. It keeps mosquitoes and its diseases at bay.

Educate your child on seasonal changes and shed light on the benefits of rain. The season brings a series of fun activities that are enthralling for kids. Little Hen International Preschool encourages its chicks to enjoy this monsoon. At the same time it recommends parents to exercise caution with the implementation of these rainy tips.


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