6 ways to get children talking-Let’s talk

When was the last time you spoke to your preschool child? Was it in the morning while ushering him/her to finish breakfast? Besides that try recalling the last time you had a real conversation with your kid. Unable to recall an instance? Indeed living in a world driven by social media has resulted in the decreasing frequency of actual conversations.

Furthermore, your child is not too young to converse with and before you realize he/she may get too busy for it. Little Red Hen International Preschool has identified ways to get children talking.

1. Get attuned to a child’s interest

Children just like adults freely discuss topics that interest them. Hence, to frame an apt question carefully observe the child and ask a question related to the activity in hand. And for an elaborate answer, structure an open-ended question. Consequently, listen to their answer with rapt attention it encourages them to speak more.
And in return express appreciation for the things they share. Your seal of approval on their opinions strengthens bonds and works as a confidence-booster.

2. Share stories

Who doesn’t like a good story? Children perhaps love them more. Go down memory lane and narrate one of your own experiences. This contributes to a dialogue exchange. Yet another key takeaway is the emotional support that stories lend to children.
In moments of despair, a story woven around sadness overridden offers hope. Alongside with this, to give children a shot at story-telling try this exercise.
At bedtime, you can inquire what are they looking forward to the following day?

3. Seek their advice

Offhand as it may sound, you will be evidently surprised at the solutions children can offer. If there is a persistent problem, bring it to their notice. It could be something like, ‘we are arriving late for school every day, how do you think we can change that?’ They feel an inexplicable joy for the importance you shower and animatedly offer advice.

4. Venture outdoors

According to a recent survey, children are more amicable while conversing in a scenic spot. The set-up enhances and intensifies the quality of the conversation. As a result of it, they are more reactant and establish a deep connection with the person in question.

5. Watch television together

You can get children talking about things while watching television together. It is a conversation-booster and has them share their views while getting entertained.

6. Be positive

Children are very sensitive, hence it is vital to exercise caution while correcting them. Before acknowledging their wrong-doings praise them for the positive you see in the situation. Because criticism could result in him/her retorting with a defiant response. In order to prevent this speak to them with kindness. And convey with love, anything you wish for him/her to obey. Therefore instead of refraining them do the opposite. For Ex. At home, we must all place our shoes here.

When children become adults, you constantly worry about the things they are hiding from you. In order to prevent this, encourage the free flow of conversation instead of suppressing it. Because inculcating this habit at an early age will result in its continual practice. Finally, you will take on the role of a friend in their adulthood.


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