Summer activities for preschoolers at home | 5 recommendations for summer learning and fun

summer activities for preschoolers at home 5 ways to learn and have fun

Spring, summer, rain, and winter, each season has a distinctiveness of its own. Can your preschooler distinguish one season from the other? You can introduce your preschooler to the different seasons through a series of fun activities.

Doing hand-painted embellishments with the use of colors depicting seasons is one way of introducing your child to seasons. Or else you could also make use of sensory bottles which comprise water and a season-specific colored item. For example, you could make use of golden glitter to depict summer. Furthermore, you can educate your child about seasons by reading to them stories revolving around the subject matter in question. A tree for all seasons and Four seasons make a year are books with which you can explain to your child about seasons. And most importantly you can organize activities which make a season all the more enjoyable.

As you endure the scorching summer heat have you lined up entertaining activities for your preschooler to be able to make the most of this season? Here are a few summer activities for preschoolers at home to inspire you.

1. Do a dance

To save yourself and your little one from the heat, indoor activities are in order. Have you noticed young children love imitating adults? Play a song and shake a leg your toddler will copy your moves. You can burn off those excess calories, make your child active, and have a jolly good time. Dancing contributes to the all-round development of a child. It helps to steady their balance, strengthening their muscles, maintaining their blood pressure, and increasing their level of flexibility. The act of repeatedly performing a dance step improves a child’s ability to absorb, process, and act according to the information received. Besides that dancing also works as a confidence booster. Which song are you going to pick to groove on with your little one? A song from this list might become an all-time favorite for you and your preschooler.

2. Trace it out

Household essentials can also be transformed into a source of entertainment and learning. If a jar is lying around hand your child the cap to try tracing it out. If you want your child to be able to identify and recognize a rectangle you could let him/her try tracing their cell phones. Tracing the object is only a part of the activity your child is sure to enjoy decorating the shapes he/she has drawn. This activity works as a pre-writing exercise, refines their motor skills, improves their concentration, and fosters creativity in them from a young age.

3. Sort it out and make patterns

Since it’s summer the ice tray is emptied faster than it otherwise is. You can put an empty ice tray to use even to entertain your toddler. Here’s how you can go about organizing this activity. Put together an assortment of marbles, buttons, rings, coins, or dried beans. Further to this, you can assist your child to sort out these items by color, size, or pattern. This activity gives your child an opportunity to reason and to calculate.

4. Handling food is fun

Your preschooler is not too young to help around in the kitchen. This exercise not just engages but also benefits a child in many ways. You could always ask your toddler to set the table, peel a fruit, rinse plates, arrange groceries, stir the batter, pick a spread that they’d like for their sandwich, and washing vegetables. It improves their counting skills, their ability to listen to and follow instructions, and also perhaps develops an openness to try out different kinds of foods. Stop shooing your little one out from the kitchen and rather allow him/her to help you out.

5. Story Time

Instilling a love for stories by reading to your child is one way of introducing the magic of stories in their lives. Yet another way is by making up stories along with your child. When all the family members gather together each person can say a sentence and string together a story. This activity improves their vocabulary, their social skills, and imagination too.

There is no dearth of options when you are looking for ways to make your toddler spend their time constructively at home. Even a simple household chore that seems mundane to you could be entertaining and knowledgeable for your preschooler. Turn your house into a center for learning and fun by organizing summer activities for preschoolers at home.


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