Creativity in Children – Engaging in Arts & Craft bring great benefits

What is art to a child ? The splotch of paint that your child dabbed on the canvas, the curvy line that was traced out in his notebook or the earnest robotic hand movement that from left to right to emphasise that crayon color on the parchment –  art is all  this and more to the  creativity brewing in your little one’s mind.

What do you want your child to grow up to be? An engineer who provides lasting solutions to everyday problems that make life simple, a doctor who diagnoses and cures ailments, or a teacher who imparts knowledge. A disposition caught you off guard as you thought to yourself “an artist?” Don’t crease your brow in worry ! An artist educates the world about the beauty and horrors it possesses in unimaginably compelling  ways through visual statements. Is your child the next Picasso in making?

Benefits of creativity in children

As your beatific child shows you his artwork in school look beyond the color composition, the benefits of him engaging in art will leave you pleasantly surprised. Art brings with it multi-dimensional effects in a child’s life.  Small instances like clutching the paint brush with a vice grip or tearing up that paper aids in the development of motor skills and improving hand and eye coordination.

Behind those gullible wide eyes, what do they perceive the world as? Art gives them a pedestal to express all that goes on in their mind. It opens up the windows for emotional expression in children, who more often than not struggle with expressing what’s going on in their mind. Repressed anger or dejection is extremely difficult for a child to comprehend and remove out of their system. These feelings are ventilated in the art they create. As they procure materials, apply techniques and get a pleasing outcome it gives them immense satisfaction and boosts their self-confidence.

Art has a way of getting the wheels in the brain spinning. It leads to recognition of colors, textures and getting a basic idea of numerical units. It is a vocabulary enhancer for children. Apart from recognizing colors and textures, if asked  open-ended questions related to art it makes them speak of things they may not normally speak of.

Art triggers writing. As an educator it is vital to present a child to learning a particular activity at the right time for the child to seamlessly learn it. Urging a child to write before he is ready to might perplex him. Giving him paper allowing him to use a crayon or paint brush will prepare him for writing. 

Arts & Craft brings with it more benefits than the ones listed above, but the challenge is piquing your child’s interest to participate in art activities.

Introduce Art in your child’s life

There is order in disorder, stop ushering your child to act in an orderly way. Give him ample room to make a mess of things and discover things to create something of his own. If your child is constantly glued to your phone download useful apps. Take the day off for a museum visit or just a stroll in the park where your child inculcates artistic appreciation.

Ensure that your toddler  is in a play & learn environment where art is an important aspect in the learning curriculum. Little Red Hen Preschool gives its children the perferct artescape with its association with Alchemy Creative Collective. With the Dasara break round the corner have your child enrolled in Little Red Hen’s Dasara-Diwali Art Camp, it is just another step to make your child more intellectually sound and creatively aware.


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