Benefits of Dramatics in Preschools- Tiny Tots take on the centre stage

The curtains have been drawn apart! The stage is aglow with the spotlight, your little one will catch you off guard by enacting the part with conviction you never realized he possessed. Beaming with pride you took out a handkerchief and dabbed your tear brimmed eyes as the show came to a close. It was a triumph in the theatre and a round of celebrations followed. In this flurry of activity you may fail to take note, engaging in this activity has enabled your child to evolve in more ways than one. Including dramatics in preschool’s will instill in a child traits that parents strive for them to acquire in their growing up years.

Respect is Integral

Children are a bundle of energy getting them to stay put and wait for their turn is not an easy task. Performing in theatre brings the kids together in a close-knit group, apart from the giggles and fun they learn to be respectful towards each other. Regular rehearsals give them an understanding of how they have to wait until their peers complete their part until their turn comes. Without implying they are learning a lesson in patience and respect.

Expression is Everything

Often you noncommittally ask children to tone it down. Why are we doing this? Expression is exhilarating for a child, it is important to be respectful of one’s surroundings but bottling up their energy is not a solution. Dramatics and Theatre gives children the freedom of expression. Stage masters urge children to raise their pitch and speak-up. It is also a confidence building exercise because it teaches them to speak with surety.

Restless? No more!

The human mind is like a flurry ball scurrying around in all directions. Flicking of imagery on the television has attuned a child’s mind to get diverted quickly. Can you think of one activity that will hold their attention? Dramatics comprises activities like memorizing scripts, rehearsing and prepping up for the performance these are immersive experiences that conquer over distractions and sharpen focus. Researchers have come to a conclusion that engaging in performing arts can lengthen the attention span permanently.

Ignites Imagination

A child’s life is not limited to monkeying around, getting regular naps and being fed nutritious meals. In their minds eye they perceive the world in an unimaginable way that adults may fail to comprehend. We have to find different outlets to feed their imagination. Dramatics in preschool’s is an excellent option. It leads to formation of new ideas and updating of old ones.

Learn life lessons

Which syllabus includes a lesson on responsibility or empathy? No text book is going to prescribe life lessons. Where is your child going to learn all of this? Telling them about it is not going to serve the purpose. Dramatics puts them on a pedestal where they have to work in cohesion with a group and take responsibility for one and other and themselves.
Chalking out the new terms time-table, do fit in a slot for dramatics. This is not just an activity to kill free time, along with honing their skills it is also essential for holistic development. Several pre-schools offer a varied range of extracurricular activities. Little Red Hen International Preschool emphasizes the importance of dramatics by putting out role plays and skits They have partnered with Happy Cow the children’s section of Evam ( A thriving art organization)


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