5 Key Principles in Early Education that ensures a great foundation for a bright future


Early education, whether that be practical learning or curriculum-based, provides every child the opportunity to lay a strong foundation in their lives. There are many principles that we, as an educational institution follow, in order to make sure that every child graduates with the right attitude & aptitude, which will enable them to create a bright future for themselves.

Here is a brief look at the five key principles in Early Education that every educator needs to keep in mind when imparting early education to children.

For the children, By the Children, Of the children

Every piece of curriculum designed as part of an early education plan has to be for the children, by the children, of the children. Essentially, the entire onus of the education should never ever deviate away from children. Every child has an own pace of learning different facets of life education, and this pace needs to be respected. Allow them to be themselves, never ever drawing any comparisons but at the same time encouraging and nourishing their innate talents. Every child interprets the environment in a different way and every way is unique and beautiful. This aspect, when respected and nourished, allows each and every child to engage in developmental appropriate activities as well as take an active role in learning.

Celebrate children’s imagination

Children have a natural imagination and are great researchers. This gift needs to be always encouraged and supported by adults, whether they are teachers or parents. Children always seek out solutions in their environment by examining it and it is this examination, with the right support, that allows them to be knowledge-seeking individuals. Repeating situations help children track what has happened, gain more information, and clarify misconceptions.


Build relationships, not contracts

Every child needs a fully understanding teacher to impart the right type of education. Educators can be most effective when a very open and constructive relationship is built with the child. Listening, observing and interacting are the key pillars of this relationship. An effective child development plan contains past knowledge about the child and new information gained by educators to be able to cater to the child’s unique needs, build trust and support each child to thrive.

The brain learns best when having fun

Learning can and should never be a chore. Positive environments reinforce learning and if imparted the right way, every piece of knowledge is stored as a long term memory. When children are having fun, learning happens effortlessly. In such environments, children tend to see stress as a challenge instead of as a threat, their creativity rises, energy levels rise and they become more resilient. All of this leads to an increase in optimism which leads to happiness. Happy childhoods lead to productive, enjoyable and rewarding lives. So, inculcate play as part of the learning process and you are bound to have a very positive child with great potential.

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Build character to build a strong generation

Learning is fun but at the same time can be exhausting as well. Children tend to build character with every step of learning and it upon the educators to create the right examples for them to emulate. In an almost unconscious and natural process, children follow the examples set by others around them, modelling behaviour and the accompanying emotional tone. When children see their parents or educators use different languages or read regularly, they want to repeat and emulate, read and be read to. When they experience negative, disrespectful or violent behaviour, whether is live or on television, children are just as likely to imitate it.

There are many such principles, that we follow in order to ensure a bright future for the tiny tots who come to us. At Little Red Hen Preschools, we have ensured that the pandemic and the online learning that came with it did not hamper any child’s early education or future. Make the early education that your child gets, the foundation to build a good educated responsible global citizen.


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