“Walk in My Shoes”: A Fun Run/Walkathon for Neurodiverse, Neurotypical & Children with Disabilities

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Join us on November 19, 2023, at Bharatiya City Mall Bengaluru, for a fun run/walkathon for children to celebrate Inclusiveness, with Neurodiverse, Neurotypical & Children with Disabilities. Join with other families and make this truly an event to remember.

Why Join “Walk in My Shoes”

Neurodiversity is the idea that everyone’s brains are different, and that these differences are normal and natural. Neurodiverse children may have autism, ADHD, dyslexia, or other learning disabilities. But neurodiversity is not just about challenges. Neurodiverse children also have unique strengths and gifts.


19 November 2023, 7.00 am – 11.00 am


Bharatiya Mall of Bengaluru (On Google Maps)

This run/walkathon is a chance to celebrate neurodiversity and children with disabilities, as individuals or as families, right here in namma Bengaluru!

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1.5 k/ 3.0 k
Fun Run or Walk


1.5 k/ 3.0 k
Fun Run or Walk

Costume Run (Individuals)

1.5 k
Fun Run or Walk

Benefits of Participating in the Fun Run/ Walkathon for Children

  • Support Inclusive Education and organisations with their mission to support Inclusiveness in early childhood education to children of all abilities.
  • Celebrate neurodiversity and children with disabilities.
  • Get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Meet other people who care about neurodiversity and inclusion.

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