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Dramatics & Theater, despite the implied gravitas of the term in the ‘adult’ world, stands for just one aspect when it comes to preschoolers – having fun together ! At Little Red Hen, the various learning groups put out skits and even one-act plays built around their own favorite stories, with the sole purpose of instilling confidence in all its participants.

Dramatics & Theater for Preschoolers

As children whole-heartedly embrace their characterisations and role plays inside the acts, the early years also help them easily find their ‘inner voice’, magically transforming from shy hearts to delightful performers, sparking their imaginations and creative play.

Little Red Hen is proud to be associated in this regard with The Arts in Education , founded by Anumeha Fatehpuria. With its studios Bangalore and Kolkata, The Arts in Education has been telling stories, training teachers and facilitating Theatre and Folk Art workshops.

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Anumeha-Fatepuria Little Red Hen

Anumeha Fatehpuria

A contemporary crafts designer and a certified Montessorian, she has been teaching for the last 20 years. She has specialised in the Arts working with children following both mainstream education and children with special needs. She have been involved in Theatre in Bangalore and Calcutta, as an actor, a director and a Drama facilitator for children. She is also the founder of The Arts in Education. 

About The Arts in Education

The Arts in Education aims to provide children with an exciting introduction into the world of Theatre. The programme focuses on celebrating strengths and working on challenges that children encounter in their learning journey in the arts.

This programme uses various tools and techniques to work on age appropriate milestones for children where they discover the limitless possibilities of their voice, body and creativity.

Children learn to engage with others with freedom of expression within a gently structured lesson and explore healthy give and take with their co-performers.

Using stories, music and movement, children work through Theatre exercises and get ready for plays, reader’s theatre and choral speaking to name a few. All presentations are an opportunity to pause, apply their learnings and reflect upon them.

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