Newsletter – March 2023 | Foundation I

Branch: Thanisandra

February Highlights

Month’s Theme – 🦸🏻‍♂️Super-Hereos🦹🏼

CircleTime Songs
🎵 This is the way🎵 My alligator
🎵Little green frog🎵 If you are happy and you know
🎵 We find different colors in a kaleidoscope

📆 Events and Holidays

11-3-2023SaturdayBarnyard Social (Annual Day)Kindly refer to the mail and whats app group for updates
31-3-2023FridayLast working daySummer vacation
3-4-2023(Monday) to
School reopens on

💡 Learnings for March

Areas of LearningConcepts
Numeracy– Revision of Addition and Subtraction
– Say and use number names in order
– Counting and recital 1 to 100
– More or Less concept from 1-50
– Begin to use ordinal numbers in different contexts
Literacy– Revision of all letter sounds.
– Revision of  2 and 3-letter words
– Read simple sentences.
– Write independently
Knowledge and Understanding of the World– To name the different characters (Super Heroes)
– To enact and do role play of their favourite character
Sensorial– 3D Shapes
– Pink tower
– Brown stairs

🖍️ Basic Stationery List

Parents can make the below stationery available at home for easy assistance of the child.

  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Sharpeners
  • Crayons
  • Sketch Pens
  • Ruler
  • Child-friendly scissor
  • Tape
  • Non-toxic  glue bottles
Arts Crafts Preschool Activities

📘 How can Parents help at Home?

🌍Help your child to know more about our country and its traditions.

📚Assist in homework and ensure the notebook is sent for correction.

🎶Letter sound identification through books can be done, and jolly phonic songs are easily available on YouTube. Activities include circling the letter sounds in the newspaper or magazines at home.

🔼Teach children how to correlate shapes with day-to-day objects (ask the child to identify the shape of a tomato slice or a sandwich or a lemon)

 🚮Encourage exhibiting empathy towards community workers; Practice throwing trash like chocolate wrappers, tissue, etc in the designated dustbin inside the house or while out.

🧩Identify living and non-living things when you go for a walk or to the park.

🔢Numbers can be revised through number books, puzzles, and number cards if available at home.

🏪Motivate children to read shop/brand names when going out.

🧸Encourage children to place the toys back in their respective boxes/racks after playtime.


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