Newsletter – February 2023 | Foundation II

Branch: Kothanur

January Highlights

Month’s Theme – 🔊Sound and Light🔦

CircleTime Songs
🎵 Mr. Golden sun🎵 Light song
🎵 Boogie Woogie🎵Sound song
🎵 Slippery fish

📆 Important Dates to Remember

16-2-2023ThursdayClass photograph

💡 Learnings for February

Areas of LearningConcepts
Numeracy– Recap of addition and subtraction.
– Introduction to place value (ones , tens, hundreds )
– Recap of Number names 1 to 10.
– Time-use everyday language related to time, order, and sequence of familiar events.
– Recap Concept count in 2s,5s,10s, and 100s.
– Recognize numbers 1 to 800.
– Use language such as big and small, and tall and short to compare quantities.
– Use familiar shapes and common shapes to create and recreate patterns and build models.
– Introduction to MONEY.          
Literacy– Introduction to 6th set of Tricky Words.
– Blending 4 letter sounds/words, Hear the word after the sounds have been spoken.
– Writing three-letter words & Dictation
– Reading simple sentences
– Recap of opposites, Rhyming words, and 3-letter blends.
– Framing simple sentences.
– Storytelling.
Knowledge and Understanding of the WorldSOUND AND LIGHT
– To identify different sounds in the locality.
– To identify different sources and mediums of sound.
– To understand the difference between noise and sound.
– To know the good and bad effects of sound(MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS)
– TO know how light is produced?
– Understand the phenomenon of a RAINBOW.
– Understanding how a shadow is caused?
Sensorial– Addition stripboard.
– Counters.
– Static bead & Card material.
– Subtraction stripboard.
– Movable alphabets
– Sound boxes.

🖍️ Basic Stationery List

Parents can make the below stationery available at home for easy assistance of the child.

  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Sharpeners
  • Crayons
  • Sketch Pens
  • Ruler
  • Child-friendly scissor
  • Tape
  • Non-toxic  glue bottles
Arts Crafts Preschool Activities

📘 How can Parents help at Home?

📚Encourage your child to read simple story books.                         

🎶Letter sound identification can be done through books and jolly phonic songs are easily available on Youtube. Activities such as circling tricky words in newspapers or magazines at home.

🧮Subtraction with simple objects at home.

⏱️The concept of TIME can be encouraged to draw a clock and mark the given time.

🔢Numbers and number names can be revised through counting everyday objects, tracing numbers on wet sand, salt, or rava, puzzles, and number cards if available at home.

📜Kindly help the child to read simple sentences.

🧸Encourage children to place the toys back in their respective boxes/racks after playtime.


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