Little Red hen

Little Red Hen Says

  • "Nothing you do for a child is ever wasted"
  • "Where little ones learn in more ways than one"
  • "A Parent is nurturing; create the suitable environment for your little one to blossom"
  • "Parents you have heard, that children should be seen and not heard; but did you know that you are more seen rather than heard by them?"
  • "Whatever you like to see in your children, be that with them and around them"
  • "Parenting is not a hobby, but a life time investment"
  • "Obedience comes from respect"
  • "Parenting is deliberate hard work and not an automatic process"
  • "Discuss with a 14 year old, instruct to a 4 year old"
  • "All behavior can be corrected or remodeled"
  • "You have a copy cat at home, so be careful!"


Toddler play and Education (1 ½ to 3)<3

Pictures Activities
Circle time/puppetry/make believe:

Rhymes/Show and tell/Vocabulary enrichment through reading and story time, learning about the world around us.
Outdoor play/Music and movement/sand play

Having a whole lot of fun while exercising our hands and legs
Snack time

Time to share with friends
Developmental activities

Pre math concepts and sensorial activities
Creative development

Getting sticky with paints, clay and other fun stuff.

Foundation I and II

Activity schedule
Circle time/Music and movement Rhymes/Show and tell/Vocabulary enrichment through reading and story time, rhythm and balance.
Listening, speaking, reading and writing
Number work, mathematical ideas and reasoning and problem solving
Snack time:
Time to share with friends
World around us:
Investigate and think about the world.