Little Red hen

Little Red Hen Says

  • "Nothing you do for a child is ever wasted"
  • "Where little ones learn in more ways than one"
  • "A Parent is nurturing; create the suitable environment for your little one to blossom"
  • "Parents you have heard, that children should be seen and not heard; but did you know that you are more seen rather than heard by them?"
  • "Whatever you like to see in your children, be that with them and around them"
  • "Parenting is not a hobby, but a life time investment"
  • "Obedience comes from respect"
  • "Parenting is deliberate hard work and not an automatic process"
  • "Discuss with a 14 year old, instruct to a 4 year old"
  • "All behavior can be corrected or remodeled"
  • "You have a copy cat at home, so be careful!"


Little Red Hen is an inclusive school and is open to accommodate young children with specialized needs and challenges, provided that the management is convinced that the child will benefit from the strategies followed here. The management will however test the child and will require diagnostic and previous school records.

The school provides exciting and innovative after school activities like debates, music, theatre, arts, besides outdoor play. Specialist activities, tutoring to play a musical instrument, yoga are also provided on request.