Little Red hen

Little Red Hen Says

  • "Nothing you do for a child is ever wasted"
  • "Where little ones learn in more ways than one"
  • "A Parent is nurturing; create the suitable environment for your little one to blossom"
  • "Parents you have heard, that children should be seen and not heard; but did you know that you are more seen rather than heard by them?"
  • "Whatever you like to see in your children, be that with them and around them"
  • "Parenting is not a hobby, but a life time investment"
  • "Obedience comes from respect"
  • "Parenting is deliberate hard work and not an automatic process"
  • "Discuss with a 14 year old, instruct to a 4 year old"
  • "All behavior can be corrected or remodeled"
  • "You have a copy cat at home, so be careful!"


What is special or different about this school?

The curriculum is based on the British Early Years Foundation Stages; this system divides learning on the basis of age groups which is scientific and practical. We use a combination of teaching methods including Montessori.

What are the unique features of Little Red hen?

The learning environment, both resources and play equipment has been selected using scientific principles; Outdoor equipment has been designed to stimulate physical and emotional learning in young children. There is ample space for children to run about without hazards, very well ventilated, a well oxygenated environment leads to better breathing and greater sense of wellbeing!!.

What training does the staff have in childcare and early year's education?

The staff of the school are experienced hands at International Curricula and are trained by experts fortnightly. Audit process of teachers is well set and regular.

How much time will toddlers and older children spend on structured work and how much on free play?

Toddlers will definitely have 70% of play time and learning will be planned around play activities. Older children have structured learning activities for 50% of the time, duration will be 30-45 minutes of a learning activity or less depending on the class and the span of each child.

What are the most important things my child will learn here?

The young ones here will be led to be curious, questioning and communicative. This is facilitated by the role of the teachers who are compassionate, patient and encouraging. We are perceptive to unique needs and the founder is a psychologist with experience in counseling children of all ages.

Do you have guidelines for clothes?

These young years should be full of fun and play, and we will be happy if you dress your child appropriately. A spare set of clothes should be definitely a part of the everyday kit that your child carries. We will specify any other definitive wear should the need arise.

What are the specifications for food?

We prefer healthy living at all ages! Please send home cooked food that your child enjoys and prefers. We provide snacks mid-morning, which will have cereal/ fruit/sandwiches and a drink. Food is vegetarian and will accommodate variations only for special occasions.

We are open to suggestions from parents in this regard. We also respect national and cultural specifics with regard to food.

What are the safety measures that you provide for my child?

The location of the school is at the end of a street, which is secluded and private. We have a security guard throughout at the gate, who is also vigilant at the play areas. The learning rooms and stairways have been are child friendly and play equipment has been designed for safety.