Little Red hen

Little Red Hen Says

  • "Nothing you do for a child is ever wasted"
  • "Where little ones learn in more ways than one"
  • "A Parent is nurturing; create the suitable environment for your little one to blossom"
  • "Parents you have heard, that children should be seen and not heard; but did you know that you are more seen rather than heard by them?"
  • "Whatever you like to see in your children, be that with them and around them"
  • "Parenting is not a hobby, but a life time investment"
  • "Obedience comes from respect"
  • "Parenting is deliberate hard work and not an automatic process"
  • "Discuss with a 14 year old, instruct to a 4 year old"
  • "All behavior can be corrected or remodeled"
  • "You have a copy cat at home, so be careful!"

Events/Holidays/Special Days

May 12 Mother's day mother's day.jpg
June 16 Father's day evfath.jpg
June 21 Longest day of the year
(summer solistice)
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August 1 Friendship day Cartoon Friendship day orkut scraps.gif
August 15 Independence Day independance.jpg
August 28 Harvest festival onam.jpg
September 5 Teacher's day Teachers day_phixr.JPG
September 21 International day of peace images (2).jpg
October 2 Ethnic day images (4).jpg
October 31 Halloween images (5).jpg
October 22 Dussera dussh.jpg
November 1
All Saints      Day/Kannada Rajyotsava all saints day.jpg
November 9 Diwali diwali.jpg
November 14 Children's day images (1).jpg
December 25  Christmas Day images.jpg
January 14 Makara Shankranti makara sank.jpg
January 26 Republic Day republic day.jpg
February 14 Valentine' s day valentine.jpg
March 31 Easter day images (6).jpg